Hey there,

Due to the overwhelming number of services in the customer support space at this time, I've decided to end Feedline. It was a fun product to build but there are loads of great apps out there which are affordable and often free and are all better supported than Feedline.

Feedline will continue to work for its existing users, but we are no longer accepting new registrations.

If you're looking for a great alternative, check out Crisp! It's a great little service I highly recommend.

Jeremy Blaze
(creator of Feedline)

Up and running in 5 minutes

We’ll handle sending the emails including validation, spam protection and more

Have it how you want it

Setup on your end is as simple as handing us an email address. We just send the mail there

We’ll take care of the boring stuff

Customise the appearance of the button and the form so that it suits your brand

Just $8 per year
and free for 7 days.